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Family Tree DNA’s November Conference - Blog entry by lkessler - 4 days ago

I managed to get registered today for The 13th Annual International Conference on Genetic Genealogy held each year by Family Tree DNA and I’ll be going to Houston from November 10 to 12 to attend. This is a tough one to get into (unless you are a speaker) as registration is only open to FTDNA group ...

2016 and Looking Forward - Blog comment by lkessler - 16 Oct 2017

Hi Tony. I saw that something was done. But I don't see where the Extended Legacy Format document can be looked at. It is listed, but there is no link to it on the drafts page:

GCGS 2017 Day 3 - Blog entry by lkessler - 15 Oct 2017

#cangensummit2017 – The final day at the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit in Halifax, Nova Scotia was a half-day with 6 talks in 2 tracks. We all met for a breakfast together, and then I led off repeating my talk from the day before on intro DNA. I had a few less people than the day before since many had ...

GCGS Days 1 and 2 - Blog entry by lkessler - 14 Oct 2017

#cangensummit2017 – A couple of great days at the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Friday afternoon the started with Jan Raska from Pier 21, of the Canadian Museum of Immigration providing a very interesting keynote for the almost 60 attendees who arrived in time for his talk. ...

My DNA Football Team - Blog entry by lkessler - 11 Oct 2017

I was thinking about my 1 year old grand-nephew this morning, and how he and I would look to be half-sharing about a quarter of our DNA in a chromosome browser. Well that would make my grand-nephew the quarterback of my DNA Football team. His father, my nephew, would be the halfback. My daughters would be ...

The Great Canadian Genealogy Summit - Blog entry by lkessler - 9 Oct 2017

#cangensummit2017 - On Thursday, I’ll be flying 2,600 km (1,600 miles), but still be in Canada, as I travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit being held from October 13 to 15. I’ll be one of 12 speakers, all of us Canadian, giving 18 talks on various subjects of genealogical ...

Behold Update - Forum post by lkessler in Questions and Answers - 8 Oct 2017

Hi Deck, Yeah. I have the 1.3 version in development with a few features to finish off plus documentation update prior to release it. That's about a month or two of work. But I've been kept very busy with some exciting DNA work that I've been doing and I put Behold down a few months ago to finish off a new ...

Deep Ancestors - Blog comment by lkessler - 4 Oct 2017

Joe, Sorry to take so long to respond. I hadn't seen Steven Fox's spreadsheet before. Couldn't find him or mention of his tool on Google. Finally, I discovered he was part of the Visual Phasing Facebook group. So I requested membership, and Blaine Bettinger, the group coordinator approved me. So finally I ...

Triangulation does NOT mean IBD - Blog comment by lkessler - 4 Oct 2017

Debbie: Well, I'm just looking at the results. And FamilyTreeDNA seems to have many fewer disprovals of IBD by parents at any given cM level than AncestryDNA does.

Triangulation does NOT mean IBD - Blog comment by lkessler - 3 Oct 2017

Very interesting, Debbie. So then it seems that FTDNA's criteria of at least one 9 cM segment is better (i.e. produces fewer false matches) than AncestryDNA's combination of phasing and inclusion of segments down to 6 cM. That may be indicative that AncestryDNA's phasing combined with its Timber may not be ...