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Quick Update - Blog entry by lkessler - 21 Sep 2015

Its been a while since my last post so I wanted to let you know I’m still here. I’ve been working quite hard to finish off Version 1.1.1 which will be much, much, much better than 1.1. Hopefully not more than a couple of weeks left (but I know I’ve said that before). I’ve removed piles of code and ...

Re-evaluating Everything - Blog comment by lkessler - 26 Aug 2015

Thanks for that, Geoffn. I am working very hard on Version 1.1.1, which I will release as soon as possible (weeks, not months). The feedback I've been getting from everybody has been excellent and I'm very excited about what I've changed already and I'm sure everyone will be very happy the improvements. I ...

Behold Version 1.1 - Blog comment by lkessler - 12 Aug 2015

I'm now playing around with better representations. The solution to putting the date first might be to also have the event and the person on the same line, e.g.: Age 30, married 2y (wife first name, age 28), Wed 5 June 1940 in France. Birth of Son 1: (Name) (ID) or possibly (which do you like better, ...

Re-evaluating Everything - Blog comment by lkessler - 11 Aug 2015

There already is an option to toggle this: the heart button on the toolbar (or from the menu select View -> Life Events). But that doesn't alleviate the problem that it's still too complicated. Basically I tried to do way too much (merge all events into a single timeline) which took way too long and made ...

Re-evaluating Everything - Blog entry by lkessler - 9 Aug 2015

I’ve been bothered with the worry that I may have taken Behold in the wrong direction. My original goals I believe were solid. Display the user’s information clearly and concisely in one report so that everything’s available and nicely cross referenced in the indexes. Behold was doing this task well and ...

Raising the House - Blog entry by lkessler - 5 Aug 2015

Installing a database into Behold is a major endeavour that I am doing carefully. It is, in many ways, not unlike the work that has been going on at a house I have been passing by for the past couple of months. This is a beautiful home, about 100 years old, that supposedly was used for a movie set many years ...

Why are there so many genealogy programs? - Blog comment by lkessler - 30 Jul 2015

Keith, Don't just take it from me. See what the 440 reviews of Family Tree Maker that average just 1.65 out of 5 stars have to say: Louis

Why are there so many genealogy programs? - Blog entry by lkessler - 29 Jul 2015

This post is total plagiarism of an article just written today by Matt Sherman on the StackExchange Blog titled “Why are there so many programming languages?”  The article struck me as also being totally true when applied to genealogy software, so I am reproducing it here and just changing a few ...

Getting the Timing Right - Blog entry by lkessler - 26 Jul 2015

One of my concerns about switching from in-memory data structures to an on-disk database has been with regards to speed. Memory is faster than disk. Writing to disk will slow things down. But it better not slow things down too much. For normal-sized genealogy files (say up to 10,000 people), everything should ...

Database Design for Genealogy Data - Blog comment by lkessler - 23 Jul 2015

Arnold, I selected SQLite because its a multi-platform, speedy, single file database with a small footprint that’s embeddable within the program. However, the FireDAC framework in Delphi theoretically lets switch one database to another without changing code, so it will be possible to switch in the ...