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Why Completing the Programming of Something New Always Takes Longer than Planned - Blog comment by lkessler - 19 Mar 2015

Thanks, Deckie. I appreciate those nice words. And as far as informing goes, I do hope to restart my newsletter to those who've opted in once this current version comes out. The last Behold News newsletter I sent out was in January 2012. Louis

Line length restriction - Forum post by lkessler in Questions and Answers - 18 Mar 2015

Thanks, Arnold for sending this. The problem is fixed and will be included in the upcoming version 1.1. Also, in Version 1.1, I've made the missing BOM a warning, since although Behold handles this, some programs won't correctly process a UTF-8 file without the BOM. Despite the incorrect messages, the current ...

Line length restriction - Forum post by lkessler in Questions and Answers - 17 Mar 2015

Arnold, This seems like it might be that the file has a BOM (Byte Order Mark) that is inconsistent with the 1 CHAR set specified in the file, or the GEDCOM file might not match the 1 CHAR set. Would you mind sending me at least the log file, and (if you don't mind) the GEDCOM file as well, and I can see what's ...

2 DATE yes -> 2 DATE Y ?? - Forum post by lkessler in Feature Suggestions - 17 Mar 2015

GEDCOM's error checking is only "good" right now. It will get much better when I implement export to GEDCOM 5.5.1 because I'll have to ensure the export is completely valid. I also will be trying to do simple corrections to input when the GEDCOM is wrong, if it is obvious and non-ambiguous what the data was ...

Why Completing the Programming of Something New Always Takes Longer than Planned - Blog entry by lkessler - 7 Mar 2015

It’s that unexpected exceptional case that you (of course) never expected, but then happens. I’ve been working hard the last couple of months to finish Version 1.1 of Behold. I’m so excited about it and I’ve effectively finished putting in everything I want to put in. I’ve been running through my ...

What's happening with FHISO? - Blog entry by lkessler - 25 Feb 2015

To the FHISO Board, TSC Coordinators and Membership, Richard Smith said on Feb 21: "Earlier this year, the FHISO Board, TSC and other stakeholders decided that designing a new conclusion-transfer format /ab initio/ was not currently a priority … and unless and until we have the resources to develop a ...

About #RootsTech 2015 - Blog entry by lkessler - 15 Feb 2015

This year I was #notatRootsTechbutWouldHaveLikedToBe. RootsTech began in 2011 and became an annual event, held each year in February at the Salt Palace Convention Center in SaltLakeCity. It has been growing every year, starting with 3,000 attendees in 2011, 4,500 in 2012 and 6,700 in 2013. In 2014, they added ...

Close. But no Cigar. - Blog comment by lkessler - 25 Jan 2015

Thanks Deck. I'll still be checking my email and following the genealogy social sites and tweeting occasionally. Then I can finish 1.1 when I get back. Yes, I think being able to compare sources between people will be a real help in seeing inconsistencies and finding information that was missed. Louis

Close. But no Cigar. - Blog entry by lkessler - 22 Jan 2015

My phone app says today would be my 95th day of working on Behold since I came back very motivated from Gaenovium. I’ve tried to put at least some work into Behold each day, and I likely missed fewer than 10 days over that time. I put in a significant amount of work (sometimes staying up until 2 a.m.) at ...

To Do- or Not To Genealogy Do-Over - Blog comment by lkessler - 8 Jan 2015

Bart, You can add your "Conclusion Session" as notes on the events or people that they pertain to. Your Source Session (finding, tracking, citing, filing sources) information should all be stored with the source that they deal with. Does your current genealogy editing program allows you to enter ...