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The World’s Oldest GEDCOM File? - Blog comment by lkessler - 1 day ago

You're a bit early. I've got my development version of Behold reading GEDCOM 2.0 right now and will display the data in the file, but Behold is not yet a GEDCOM writer and will not be able to export the data to GEDCOM 5.5.1 yet. That will come. It's not quite as easy as changing tags. The linkages of ...

Running Behold on MAC OS X - Forum post by lkessler in General Discussion - 3 days ago

Mervyn, Thank you for the confirmation that Behold will work under Parallels and Virtual Box on a Mac. I'm not sure if anyone has tested that before. I did know that it ran okay under Wine. Behold has a page at the Wine HQ, and Version 1.0.x has been given a rating of Gold under Wine. Louis

Genealogy Technology – Random Thoughts - Blog comment by lkessler - 3 days ago

Mervyn, Point well taken. But my rant worked. And it only took a day! :-) These distractions (BetterGEDCOM, FHISO, Gaenovium, etc) are causing delays in the short run for Behold. But this work will allow me to have a positive effect on the future of genealogy for all genealogists, even more-so than ...

From Ancient GEDCOM to Prehistoric GEDCOM - Blog entry by lkessler - 5 days ago

A few hours ago, I posted an article wondering if I may have found the world’s oldest GEDCOM file. Tamura Jones in response emailed me one that he thought may be older. Instead of beginning with a 0 HEAD record as all GEDCOMs do, this file begins with a 0HH record (no space between the 0 and the HH). It ...

The World’s Oldest GEDCOM File? - Blog entry by lkessler - 5 days ago

While preparing my presentation of Reading Wrong GEDCOM Right for the Gaenovium Conference, I wanted to see if I had in my collection of over 600 test GEDCOM files some early GEDCOMs from the pre-GEDCOM 5.0 era. I searched my files for some of the pre-GEDCOM 5.0 tags outlined by Tamura Jones in his GEDCOM Tags ...

Genealogy Technology – Random Thoughts - Blog entry by lkessler - 13 Aug 2014

Lots going on in the technical genealogy world, and so much incorrect thinking in my opinion. The major online services are quietly going about their business: Ancestry, FamilySearch and MyHeritage (which now includes Geni) are the big three, but there are scores of others such as GeneaNet and WikiTree. ...

Off To Gaenovium - Blog entry by lkessler - 24 Jul 2014

The official announcement is out. And I now can announce that I’ll be flying to the city of Leiden, Netherlands in early October. Gaenovium will be a small one day conference on October 7 for genealogy technology creators, so it will give me a wonderful opportunity to meet, share, discuss and argue with ...

Date validation - case sensitive - Forum post by lkessler in Report a Problem - 1 Jul 2014

Yes. However, GEDCOM does not define the difference between "controlled" and "uncontrolled" line values. My interpretation is that controlled line values are line values that are restricted to a specified set of allowed optional values. Anything more complicated than that is likely deemed not to be controlled, ...

Line length restriction - Forum post by lkessler in Questions and Answers - 1 Jul 2014

Lines longer than 255 characters are illegal in GEDCOM. So yes, it is incorrect. Programs should not export lines longer than 255 characters.

Line length restriction - Forum post by lkessler in Questions and Answers - 30 Jun 2014

Brett, It will convert into a "2 SOUR" line followed by as many "3 CONC" lines as are required. Louis