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At Last! Finally! All 1.1 changes appear done! - Blog comment by klemens - 18 May 2015

Thank you Louis, that is really good news! Have fun with the documentation!

Source-Based Thinking - Blog comment by klemens - 16 Nov 2014

Well... I am listening, and waiting for a cool program that makes it easy to do just what you describe. Build it and they will come ;-)

Source Driven Genealogy and Data - Forum post by klemens in Feature Suggestions - 22 Mar 2014

Source-based data entry is definitely the only way to go! Custodian looks very powerful, it may be too much for a smaller family history research. I'll install the demo. For power users, the traditional view of a big screen with many fields (and templates!) might be the best. But I've been thinking that a ...

Re-evaluating the Future of Genealogy Software - Blog comment by klemens - 22 Mar 2014

Interesting list. I agree with many points, but I think the twitter/facebook/etc connections are not top priorities. If you ever add anything like that, please make it optional. "Gamification" is kind of a trend, but I'm not too sure about it. I mean, genealogy is already a puzzle game for geeks, so all I can ...

UTF-8 with BOM does not display right - Forum post by klemens in Report a Problem - 6 Sep 2013

Louis, thanks for checking. I can export Unicode GEDCOM from my program, so, for me, there is no need to hurry with a new version. Klemens

GEDCOM 5.5EL - Forum post by klemens in Questions and Answers - 5 Sep 2013

Hi Louis, currently, a group of German programmers are working to make their GEDCOM export and import more standard compliant and compatible to each other. They have not yet finished, but there is a GEDCOM test file that aims to use every tag that is defined in GEDCOM and every convention they have agreed on. ...

UTF-8 with BOM does not display right - Forum post by klemens in Report a Problem - 5 Sep 2013

Hi Louis, I tried opening a GEDCOM file with umlauts in Behold Instead of the umlauts, boxes were displayed. The file was UTF-8 with BOM. When I converted it to UTF-8 without BOM, everything was fine. Also, Unicode (UTF-16) was fine, too. Can you replicate this? Klemens