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Chess and Artificial Intelligence: The Future Changed Today - Blog comment by geneatech - 11 Dec 2017

Louis, good luck with that! But we should certainly look to movies for ideas about the possible scenarios and potential solutions. I fear we're already behind the eight-ball, though. According to this article, programmers don't even understand why AIs make the decisions they do: ...

Chess and Artificial Intelligence: The Future Changed Today - Blog comment by geneatech - 6 Dec 2017

I'm sure you know what Stephen Hawking has said about AI, but it bears repeating: “Computers can, in theory, emulate human intelligence, and exceed it. Success in creating effective AI, could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. Or the worst. We just don't know. So we cannot know if we ...

60th Birthday AND Retirement! - Blog comment by geneatech - 25 Nov 2016

Louis, double congratulations on your birthday & retirement! Wishing you all the best

Double Match Triangulator (DMT) 1.0.1 - Blog comment by geneatech - 21 Aug 2016

Thanks, Louis. I'm still learning about genetic genealogy, but I'll have a look at DMT.

Unexpected BNF - Blog comment by geneatech - 3 May 2016

That would be awesome if Behold could do complete GEDCOM validation, now that Tim Forsythe has discontinued VGedX. And it will be especially convenient to have it packaged with a GEDCOM reader/writer/reporter.

SQLite for Genealogy Software - Blog comment by geneatech - 25 Apr 2016

Louis, as I said, there are two sides to the debate, but I didn't say I favored one side over the other. I even specifically said "I like the idea of an open database that I can manipulate myself..." Your point that encrypted databases like FTM's can still be opened by anyone with the app is a good one and ...

SQLite for Genealogy Software - Blog comment by geneatech - 24 Apr 2016

Louis, you make a good case for making the databases open. However, clearly the issue is debatable, since there are apps in two camps, one that is open and one that is encrypted. I don't think the argument for encryption is any less compelling than the argument for openness. As a genealogist who loves to play ...

Why are there so many genealogy programs? - Blog comment by geneatech - 30 Jul 2015

I'd love to hear more about Family Tree Maker's terrible technical characteristics. I've used it for several years, and although its performance has improved with each iteration, it still seems to have issues.

Behold Version 1.1 - Blog comment by geneatech - 28 Jun 2015

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out. I also took a look at the planned features for version 2, and they look very exciting!

A Bit of History as GEDCOM Approaches Its 30th Year - Blog comment by geneatech - 19 Sep 2014

Have you asked Tamura Jones? He seems to have everything related to GEDCOM.