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How many sources/citations is too many? - Blog comment by cp - 19 Jan 2014

Interesting thoughts, as usual My solution is to record and process all my sources and reasoning in a dedicated program (I'm actually using GenQuiry, but did look at Evidentia as well). Such a program can be used in so many different workflows, but my aim is to end up with a single 'conclusion' document that ...

Features Creep, Part 2 - Blog comment by cp - 12 Sep 2013

Well, you are both right, you are both wrong! Bad design does hold back otherwise good feature enhancements and lead to allegations of bloatware. But... extending your argument, you might as well have one MS Office program that does EVERYTHING!!! so long as it has a Ribbon to just show the most common ...

Probate - Forum post by cp in Report a Problem - 19 Mar 2012

I noticed your recent blog post regarding correct ordering of dates (eg burial after death - which behold does correctly out of the box). Can I note that probate also must happen after death (and almost always after burial/cremation - I can only think of very esoteric reasons that would invert that!). Behold, ...