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Nine Necessities in a GEDCOM Replacement - Blog comment by agh3rd - 6 Jun 2013

Bravo Louis! Very well done indeed! Andy

Life Events – Family Information You Can Really Use! - Blog comment by agh3rd - 4 Apr 2012

It just keeps getting better. *GRIN* Andy

Build a BetterGEDCOM - Forum post by agh3rd in Questions and Answers - 22 Feb 2012

It has to also be remembered that FHISO will not only be developing a standard but will, at the same time, be building an organisational infrastructure to maintain the standard developed. People may feel they don't have the technical knowledge to contribute to developing the standard while overlooking the fact ...

Behold Now Displays the Windows Compatible Logo (Finally!) - Blog comment by agh3rd - 8 Feb 2012

Nice going Louis!

RootsTech Friday Panel Discussion - Blog comment by agh3rd - 26 Jan 2012

Most excellent news! Good for you!

I'll Be At RootsTech - Blog comment by agh3rd - 17 Jan 2012

Louis, Those were pretty much what I would have chosen had I been able to attend RootsTech. Have fun! Andy

One Thing Leads to Another - Blog comment by agh3rd - 10 Jan 2012

Sounds good!

Version 1.0.1 Released - Blog comment by agh3rd - 28 Dec 2011

Hi Louis, The 'mess' isn't caused by RM5. It is, unfortunately, what you get when you export an Ancestry Member Tree and download it. If you go to this link there is a whole thread about it. Ancestry fixed the problem but it looks like with patching FTM2012 and the new Mac version, etc. they broke it again. ...

Version 1.0.1 Released - Blog comment by agh3rd - 28 Dec 2011

Hi Louis, Mind if I make one suggestion...Can the sources be made easier to read? Instead of this- 1. Martin Avery Godfrey Source: [S67-29 North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975 - ~||Birth date: ...

Ordering Events by Date - Blog comment by agh3rd - 4 Dec 2011

Louis, You said ". But that is wrong for multiple specifications of a single event, e.g. birth, where GEDCOM says the order of the listing of the event is significant." The ordering of the listing of the event can only be significant in comparison to another like event and both events were entered at the ...