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Another Estimate of Speed and Balding Figure 2B - Blog entry by lkessler - 6 days ago

Ten days ago, I produced an article: Revisiting Speed and Balding, where I tried to duplicate the results of their Figure 2B. I posted a link to the article on the ISOGG Facebook group, and received a lot of comments, mostly from Andrew Millard and Debbie Kennett. Debbie also provided quite a few comments ...

FTDNA’s 13th IGG Conference Lab Tour - Blog comment by heyjude0701 - 14 Nov 2017

Thanks so much for your comments on the FTDNA conference! I wasn't able to attend this year, and so I really appreciate your summaries about the events each day. wish I could have been there to network.

FTDNA’s 13th IGG Conference Lab Tour - Blog entry by lkessler - 13 Nov 2017

#FTDNA2017 – What a great conference! So many people I could talk to at a technical level and so many that I learned from. I averaged less than 5 hours of sleep per night just because the day was so full, every morning was an early wakeup, and I had to watch Saturday Night Live. I left Winnipeg with 5 cm (2 ...

FTDNA’s 13th International Genetic Genealogy Conf Day 3 - Blog entry by lkessler - 12 Nov 2017

#FTDNA2017 - First up, another breakfast sponsored by FTDNA. This was followed at 8 a.m. by an ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) chapter meeting, my first. It was led by Katherine Bodger, the Director and co-founder of the society. ISOGG was founded in 2005 after the first Family Tree DNA ...

FTDNA’s 13th International Genetic Genealogy Conf Day 2 - Blog entry by lkessler - 11 Nov 2017

The day began with Max Blankfeld and Bennett Greenspan greeting the entire group. After honoring the veterans, and there must have been 50 in the room who stood to loud applause, they provided a bit of information about the conference. There are 240 in attendance. About 50 people, including myself, raised their ...

FTDNA’s 13th International Genetic Genealogy Conf, Day 1 - Blog entry by lkessler - 10 Nov 2017

Location: Houston Texas. About 200 genetic genealogists have gathered for 3 days of talks and mingling and discussion about the state of DNA analysis. It’s very exciting for me to be with and talk to so many experts, each with a slightly different viewpoint and their own specialties in this field. The day ...

Revisiting Speed and Balding - Blog comment by lkessler - 9 Nov 2017

Thanks, Debbie. I am now working with the help of your thoughts as well as those of Andrew Millard to try to statistically represent what Speed and Balding have simulated so as to better understand what their results represent. The constrained population is one thing (similar to a small version of Iceland over ...

Revisiting Speed and Balding - Blog comment by debbiek - 9 Nov 2017

If you have a stable population over 50 generations then you do get extreme pedigree collapse. This is pretty much what has happened throughout human history with the exception of the last 300 years: All humans are highly endogamous. It's just a question ...

Revisiting Speed and Balding - Blog comment by lkessler - 8 Nov 2017

Thank you Debbie for your analysis, but I'm still not convinced. You were correct on Facebook to say that the match filter would not affect results above 9 cM. So there must be some other reason why Speed and Balding give a greater than 20% chance that shared segments from 30 Mb to 40 Mb are from > 20 ...

Revisiting Speed and Balding - Blog comment by debbiek - 8 Nov 2017

Can I also suggest that people have a read of the comments in the ISOGG group on Facebook in the discussion about this blog post. In particular I recommend reading the comments from Dr Andrew Millard from the University of Durham. He has ...