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1000 Genealogy Programs on GenSoftReviews - Blog entry by lkessler - 2 days ago

GenSoftReviews reached a milestone and now has 1000 different genealogy programs listed at the site. The numbers have been creeping up over time. GenSoftReviews started in Sept 2008 with the 355 programs I transferred over from my my old genealogy software links page. The number grew to 466 by the end of ...

Triangulation does NOT mean IBD - Blog comment by lkessler - 2 days ago

tewilso: What I can’t tell from your example is who is matching who. Unfortunately, and especially for smaller segments under 7 cM, chance matches can happen because the companies are comparing both parental chromosomes of one person with both parental chromosomes of another chromosome. And that is at ...

Triangulation does NOT mean IBD - Blog comment by tewilso - 2 days ago

I find the following GETMAtch 1-1 matching segments among known but distant American cousins (and my brother) and a potential English cousin (16 degrees between me and the English cousin for instance). I wonder if Chr 1 would indicate a shared IBD this many generations back? Due to Chr 15 pileup, I suspect ...

Programming is like Songwriting - Blog entry by lkessler - 11 Feb 2018

A programmer develops an original idea for a program and spends time writing it. Once you’ve got it working to some point, you put it online and test the waters. If it’s well taken, you go out on tour. A songwriter develops some original ideas for some new songs and spends time putting the tracks together. ...

Double Match Triangulator 2.0 - Blog comment by jbissett - 7 Feb 2018

I can't wait to try version 2.0 with my gedmatch files. Thanks.

Double Match Triangulator 2.0 - Blog entry by lkessler - 6 Feb 2018

I’ve just released a new version of DMT, with many improvements.   Excel No Longer Required The previous version of DMT used a technique called Excel Automation to generate its Excel files. It used the Excel libraries that would be installed on your computer with Excel, so DMT required that you had ...

The GEDmatch Relationship Tree tool - Blog comment by lkessler - 26 Jan 2018

Joe: Send me an email.

The GEDmatch Relationship Tree tool - Blog comment by jbissett - 26 Jan 2018

Louis: Do you have a moment to help me understand a few issues with the relationship tree?

The GEDmatch Relationship Tree tool - Blog comment by lkessler - 25 Jan 2018

Joe: We're just beginning see the development of good tools to analyze all this DNA stuff. GEDmach is doing a great job providing new ideas like this, and it's great when there's one that can help us make sense out this nonsense.

The GEDmatch Relationship Tree tool - Blog comment by jbissett - 25 Jan 2018

Hi Louis, Once again you have provided a most valuable explanation of an existing GedMatch feature that so far I had not understood or used. My maternal half-brother only shows 2 X-dna matches for unknown cousins. I ran the first one (only 8.2 cms atDna and 7.5 cms X-Dna) and I am pleasantly surprised to find ...