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Louis Kessler's Behold Blog

UTP - Day 18 - Wed, 2 Mar 2016

#UTPCruise - The last day of a great genealogy conference and cruise.

UTP 10 - Days 15, 16 and 17 - Tue, 1 Mar 2016

#UTPCruise - Nearing the end.

Day 15 - Adelaide: My wife and I took a tour to the hills southeast of the city where we tasted a little wine.

In the evening, back on the ship, I gave my 5th talk - this one on Jewish Genealogy.

Day 16: At sea, which means another full day of talks. In the morning, I presented my 6th and 7th talks: What You Can and Should Record, and Why Genealogy is Everyone’s Solemn Duty. There were 7 other great talks that day, plus ship activities for anyone wanting a break.

Day 17: A second day at sea. Some of the talks I went to included:

Just one day remaining tomorrow.

UTP 10 - Days 12, 13 and 14 - Sat, 27 Feb 2016

#UTPCruise - Still cruisin’ and it’s great combining pleasure (genealogy) with vacation (cruise).

Day 12 - At sea. A full slate of genealogy programs. I took this day off.

Day 13 - Melbourne. This was a land-based program that Unlock the Past put on for the Melbourne residents. They are doing the same in about 8 other cities along the way. In most of them, Judy Russell and Paul Blake are the ones going ashore to speak. Here in Melbourne, Judy had other obligations and Alan Phillips asked if I would step in for her and I was happy to. I was very interested to see how their land-based programs were set up.

Alan, Paul, Eric Kopittke and I took one cab, and Rosemary Kopittke, Helen Smith and Alona Tester took the other down to the venue, the Celtic Club in downtown Melbourne. The gang set up their materials at the back of the room, along with the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, Genealogical Society of Victoria, and VicGum. The event was well attended, especially for a weekday during the day. About 70 people were in attendance. The earliest arrivals filled the front rows of seats!

I spoke first and gave my talks about Source Based Genealogy and Organizing Your Genealogical Computer Files. It was well received and about 8 people came up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

I was very happy to meet Sam M. who I had been corresponding with a long time. Sam purchased Behold 10 years ago and he often sent me ideas for Behold and told me about programs for me to add to GenSoftReviews. I’ve always enjoyed emails with him. Sam took the day off work and drove the hour in to listen to my talk. After I finished my talk, Sam and I went out for a snack and got a chance to talk. Sam has learned Python and is now starting to contribute to the development of the program Gramps. In fact, Sam was the one who added the info about Gramps GEDCOM export that I had tweeted about a week ago:

Sam then gave me a nice tour of Melbourne’s Victoria Market, and then we said goodbye’s. I went back to the Celtic Club to hear the latter part of Paul’s talk, and then we took taxis back to the ship.

Day 14: At sea enroute to Adelaide. Another full slate of talks. Some of the ones I went to were:

I also presented my 4th talk on the ship. This one was “Making the most of your genealogy software” and Alona tweeted a couple of things from my talk: