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Version 1.0.3 Released - Sat, 21 Jan 2012

I was going to call this Version 1.1, because there’s enough in it to give it that designation. But I decided to go with 1.0.3 because I’m still waiting for Behold’s listing at the Windows 7 Compatibility Center (the delay is all Microsoft’s). Changing a point version requires a resubmission of the test results, and I’d like avoid adding another source of delay.

So here we have about three weeks of important work now included in Behold. Mainly, the events and facts are all sorted logically, with dates used to order the items between a person’s birth and death. In addition, the notes, objects and sources have all been pulled out of paragraph that was each event, placing them indented, lined up, and below the event they pertain to. This makes them much easier to see and it’s easier to compare the sources of an event with each other. The sources are also now sorted properly by their title.

I’ve made most of the improvements that I described in my One Thing Leads to Another post. The complete list of changes is on the Behold history page.

I still have to integrate children and parents and spouses into the events by the birth or marriage date and I’ll see if I can get that done prior to going to RootsTech.

These changes have added a bit (10 to 15%) to the memory use of Behold. Now Behold can only open up to about a 200 MB GEDCOM file. That limit will be raised considerably with Version 1.5 when the data no longer is kept in memory but will be saved into a new native file format for Behold. The file format probably will be called a .bhp (Behold project file) and this file will be where you will save your edits in Version 2.0.

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