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Version 0.99.17 beta Released - Mon, 27 Dec 2010

A few important changes in this release:

I implemented two new features: an important enhancement to the way references are displayed, which now includes the date and place of the event where available. Also now I have full support for the input of FTW Text files including some important changes to the FTW Text implementation since my blog post.

I also cleaned up a number of features that weren’t quite working correctly and they are better now. There were a number of bug fixes as well. See the Behold History page for a complete list of changes this release.

The beta is now getting close to where I want. The nice thing about it is that it is approaching stability. There are now few crashes and I’ve been working to eliminate all bugs that I can find or are reported to me. I was very happy with the stability of the last alpha version released. But the major data structure changes to Behold that were required prior to the beta did break various parts. Most of that has by now been tested quite thoroughly and it it working well.

Next I’ll be concentrating on updating the documentation and fixing any bugs in the existing feature set that I find or get reported to me. Note the words “existing feature set”. I’m freezing it for the remainder of the beta, and it means Behold will now be progressing towards Version 1.0.

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