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Version 0.99.7 beta Released - Sat, 6 Feb 2010

I’m always up for a challenge, and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of a GEDCOM torture test. Most Genealogy programs claim they have no limits, but eventually every program will run out of something -array capacity, memory or time or maybe it just wasn’t written to handle a certain type of complexity.

So I was excited when Tamura Jones posted three GEDCOM torture tests along with how a good number of programs did against them. (Note: Internet Explorer can’t view Tamura’s site. Try a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome)

I was looking forward to Behold’s results. I was not happy when I saw Behold had only passed one of the challenges. I pride Behold in its ability to read all flavors of GEDCOM, and this indicated something needed to be fixed. Knowing that not a single program passed all the tests did not make me feel any better.

So as part of this version’s upgrades, I decided to include a few of the things on my “Tamura Jones” to do list - not the least of which was to easily read all the torture test files. That is now done. I hope Tamura will check it out and verify that I have actually done so.

I’ve made a number of improvements and fixes in this version. See the complete list on Behold’s Version History page.

I’m very pleased with my progress so far during the beta. I’m actually getting through all the bug fixes and changes almost as quickly as I had hoped I would. An April release date for Version 1.0 is still my goal.

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