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Always Something To Go Wrong - Tue, 1 Dec 2009

The first 9 people to download trial keys all found that their Trial Key was already expired. Here I sit redfaced wondering how I let that happen.

Well, I had changed the expiry from 90 days after the program was built to the new trial rule of 45 days after the key is sent for. I changed that number everywhere I could find. In the program, and in all the website procedures.

Then I uploaded it to the website. My upload compares differences in file size to see what files changed. In the one critical program, the only change was “90″ to “45″ and both of those are 2 characters and that did not change the file size. My comparison program did not report a difference and the file was not updated. Oooops.

All is fixed now. I’ve sent e-mails to those involved asking them sheepishly to try one more time.

Time to take a big deep inhale … and breathe.

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