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Getting Closer - Wed, 19 Aug 2009

I’m really pushing to get the Beta out.

I switched tasks and finished reimplementing the ANSEL and UTF-8 input so that those character sets will be read in automatically and converted to Unicode. It is so nice to input files and see the Russian with the English with no need anymore to select the proper character set. Thank you Unicode. I’m glad I ended up doing this earlier rather than later.

And as I test these things, I am cleaning the little loose ends that I find as I encounter whatever doesn’t work exactly right.

In order to hasten a beginning, I’ve moved the Find, Print and Export functions to be after the Beta is released. This is functionality that the last alpha had, but I’d sooner get the beta out and then let those be the first things that get added.

So I’ve only got the Back/Forward commands as the last major thing left before the beta. I’ll then check the program over with a number of different test files to ensure that there’s no important problems to fix, and then it’ll be out.

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