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A Brief Step Back, but Onward to Beta - Mon, 12 Jan 2009

I went a bit too fast in trying to make the major improvements. I was changing too many data structures at once and the changes required to the code to get everything working again would have been painstaking. There are so many special cases that I handled before that I’d have to reprogram.

So I am taking the simple way out. I’m backing up to my development version of November 16th, which is after I successfully converted Behold completely to Delphi 2009 and Unicode. With this version, just about everything works as it did before.

Now I’ll add the optimizations one-by-one and make sure everything works before I go on. I know I won’t be able to get quite as fast this way, but it should still become much faster than the current alpha version is. Maybe only 1 order of magnitude instead of 2, but we’ll see.

So once I get these internal optimizations going, and finish off some sort of faking out RichView into believing it is producing the whole document, then I think I’m going to finally close out what I’ve been calling “alpha development” and bring on the Beta.

Lot’s of work ahead, but that’s what these cold winter days in Winnipeg are for.

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