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2008 - The Year of Change - Thu, 1 Jan 2009

2008 was a year of big changes for me. In April my mother passed away, and the toughest part of it was resettling my father without her and trying to get him going as independently as possible again.

At work in June one co-worker who worked 15 years with me retired, and in December, my Manager of 20 years retired. There is a good chance next year I may win the manager position and put my stamp on the Department until I retire in 8 years or so.

And then just yesterday (December 31st), our Division became one of the first to move into our spanking-new world-class head office in downtown Winnipeg. The building is still very much a construction zone, but it an exciting move for us all.

On the Behold front, there were also many changes. First, I’m happy to have completed the move of all my websites to a clustered hosting account at Netfirms.ca. It should be able to handle the increased visitation at the Behold website as well as my other sites as the word of Behold starts to spread once Version 1 is released. It should also allow me to restart my Behold newsletter that I had up to a couple of years ago been sending out.

Last year, I also upgraded my development program from Delphi 4 (about 10 years old) to Delphi 2009 which includes Unicode and many other aids to help me develop Behold faster and better. The optimization I have been working on the past few months will be nothing short of phenomenal, and will increase the speed of Behold by orders of magnitude.

But best of all, I really look forward to 2009. It will FINALLY be the year when I release the Beta of Behold, and before the year is over, the official Version 1.

It will be a great and exciting year for me. Happy New Year and all the best to each of you.

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