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Performance Issues … Again - Thu, 11 Sep 2008

No sooner than I think everything’s going smoothly, after I finished up my post last night, I discovered that the Blog and Forum were bogging down again.

One second response or less to display a webpage should be the norm. Two seconds should be the worst-case maximum. Four is too long. 10 is unbearable and indicative of a problem.

I never did find out the reason for the last slowdown that I talked about in my June 5th post, but it is happening again. Displaying the blog or forum has had a significant number of “too long” and “unbearable response” times up to 60 seconds.

I’m investigating and hope to have a solution soon. I see that the mySQL server they have me on gets over 1000 requests a second! That’s a lot, but normally the server handles it. It could be that they have some sites that occasionally get a popular link and thousands of hits come over short time periods and the database server overloads. But I don’t know yet.

In any case, the rest of the site works fine and is fast enough, so not all is bad.

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