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Last Post on this Blog — Hopefully - Wed, 5 Mar 2008

I’ve finally got through all the technical glitches so now WordPress and bbPress will work together very nicely. Now its just a matter of polishing up the various pages and putting them up.

I’m first going to concentrate on getting my new beholdgenealogy site up, and I’ll convert the old site bit by bit. The first part will be this blog. What will happen is I will activate the new blog, deactivate the old one, and change all links to the blog to point to the new site. All my Behold pages should still continue to function during all this, except for the few seconds while I’m actually making the changes.

I’ll also be copying all my old Blog posts into the new blog. The Behold User Forum had an area for Blog Comments. I’m going to attach those comments to their corresponding posts in the new blog. I’ll have a new RSS feed for the new Blog, but I’ll try to see if I can redirect the old one to it so that the old feed will continue to work.

I came up with a new registration system that I’m really happy with. When you register, you go to a page that simply asks for your e-mail address. You enter it and click the register button. It then sends you an e-mail with a link that you click on to verify you are the e-mail address holder. That link takes you to the registration page where you can select your UserID and password and enter any profile info you want. You then are registered. So what I’ve done is move the e-mail confirmation to the first step. That eliminates webbots from filling in registration forms and getting junk entered into the user database. That will get rid of a big maintenance headache that I currently have due to those webbots.

So the benefits of the blog change to you and me are:

  1. More interaction: You can add your comments directly onto my posts instead of into the Forum.
  2. More visibility: As a WordPress blog, it will be better indexed on Google and elsewhere.
  3. Plays better with others: Feed will be RSS 2.0 (now it’s only 0.92) and it will accept Trackbacks and Pingbacks.
  4. Saves me hassle: I will no longer have to manually create my RSS feed or ping services to tell them about new posts.
  5. Brings me up to the state-of-the-art.

Hopefully my next post will be to the new Behold Blog.

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