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A Fun Little Test - Wed, 14 Nov 2007

I tried my GEDCOM fragment on several programs. This is what happened:

  • Legacy 6.0: First warned there’s no HEAD section. Then that there’s no TRLR. Then asked if it should try to load anyway. After it tried, nothing was loaded.
  • RootsMagic 3.2.4 trial version: No warning and it only loaded 1 person.
  • GenViewer 1.21: was able to read the individuals. Hooray for GenViewer! The trial version does not let you see families, so I don’t know if it was able to link those correctly.
  • PAF 5.0: Opens a nice log file with 318 error messages, the last of which says that it can’t find a HEAD record at the beginning of the file. But nothing gets loaded.
  • Family Tree Maker 2005: Tells you it doesn’t recognize the format of the file, and stops there.
  • Family Tree Maker 2008: Tells you file is not correctly formatted, and stops there.


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