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Displaying Photos in the Everything Report - Tue, 6 Nov 2007

As I use Behold to build my HTML webpage for my family research, I realize I will have to include thumbnails of photos. Up until today, I hadn’t thought of a good way to do that.

GEDCOM files can specify IMG tags, which give the location of an image on the local computer. But TRichview, which I’m using as the engine for the Everything Report, does not yet properly wrap text around images. My plan was to wait until they implemented that.

But then I realized that I simply want to display a thumbnail (very small version) of each picture on its own line, with any descriptive text about it on the right. So an easy implementation would be a table with one row and two columns. In the first column is the image. In the second is the textual information. No word wrap around the image is necessary and it should look quite nice.

Now what about getting the full image. The idea was to click on the image to bring up the original. That would be possible from from the Everything Report in Behold, also possible from the HTML web page Behold produces, and probably possible as well from the RTF Behold can output.

But then I discovered something quite elegant. There is a really nice Photo-Zoom capability available for web pages. You just put your mouse over the thumbnail and the full size image instantly appears in the same window. No clicking or new windows required. It is very user friendly and useful!

What I’ll do is finish up the current version, hopefully in the next week or so. I’ve only got 18 more days until this alpha version expires. But since I need the photos in Behold’s output for my project, I’ll add the thumbnail capability as the first thing after this version is released. And if it’s not too hard, I’ll try to add the photo-zoom as well. That will be a killer feature if add it.

So you won’t have to wait for images until Version 3 anymore. It’ll be in Version 1.

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