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Retooled and Ready To Go - Wed, 24 Oct 2007

Last night I went through my two big binders of Behold ToDo stuff. I moved everything that could wait until after Version 2 editing, to the second binder. Then I went through Behold’s Future Plans page did the same, moving those tasks to a post Version 2 area.

What this means is a new schedule and new goal. I’ll get one more alpha version out in a few weeks. Then the beta will hopefully be out in December. Three months of beta testing should be enough for a March 2008 release of Version 1.0. Version 1.5 with saving of GEDCOMs should come around June 2008, and if all goes to plan, then Version 2.0 with editing should be out by December 2008. That moves V2.0 ahead by over six months from what I had penciled in earlier.

I really want to work hard towards that new goal. It means delaying some planned features until after Version 2. This includes print enhancements, user options, reading in of other formats, and Unicode.

But some things will still be done. The AFN number matching is important because I have to build that into my data structure. And I do want to allow Behold to export itself to a pen drive. That should be pretty easy to do and will be an important and useful feature, allowing you to carry your data and Behold with you and use it on any computer.

Now that everything’s rethought, all that’s left to do is … do it!

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