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A More Direct Path! - Tue, 23 Oct 2007

The Getting Real book really got me thinking. For their online applications, their first goal is to get their core functionality working and make it available ASAP. Other features and enhancements can be added later.

With Behold, I managed to get the alpha up and available over two years ago. I’ve been working since then to ensure that it can display everything from the GEDCOM, and I’ve been fiddling to get the data structures right and making decisions on how everything is best displayed. That was all very important work and necessary.

But at the same time, I’ve been also doing a lot of tweaking and fine details. I’ve added a lot of features that are not core to the working of Behold. I’ve probably expended over two thirds of my time since the initial alpha release doing non-essentials.

As I look at my current Future Plans list, I see that trend continuing. I’ve been diligent in adding anything I think is worthwhile doing into my Future Plans, and placing it at the appropriate version where similar work is being done. But now I see what that did is to obscure my path to version 2 with more non-essentials and very much extending my time towards that important release.

Behold to me will not be a full program until I get to Version 2. It must have editing capability before it becomes the necessary program I expect it to be. So obviously what I must start doing is to set my path to get there more directly, and make all the other nice-to-have goodies wait until then. So tonight, I’m going to go through my To Dos that are in my Future Plans, and reorganize them, and start off with just what’s necessary to get to Version 1.0 (first release), Version 1.5 (Saving GEDCOMs) and Version 2.0 (Editing). The rest will then follow.

Tomorrow, I’ll report here on my blog as to how that works out.

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