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Sunday, November 10, 2002 - Version 0.99 is 80.0% complete - Sun, 10 Nov 2002

Finishing my Behold Blog meant that I would have to restructure my Behold site a bit to incorporate it. Hmmm. I don’t want to just say “Coming Soon” anymore on the Behold Home Page since people can now see my progress in my Blog. Time for a bit of restructuring.

I moved the “Things Behold will do for you” over to a new Guiding Concepts page for Behold and revised and expanded upon what is there. I’ve still got more to add in the future and have jotted down some thoughts for when I get some time.

Then, the Home Page for Behold needs something new on it. Last January, I had developed a “Features” page but never put it up. I think the Home Page is where it should go. I’ve got a whole set of cute icons to go with it that add interest and info to the page, and it is quite unique and my style. I can title it: “How Far Along is Behold?” and use it both to give a status as to how far Behold is, and to help guide me along in the right direction. I can check things off as I get them done.

Since I hadn’t revised this since January, it needed quite a few revisions. I compared what was there with my Behold Current Work binders and worked to update everything. It’s not bad, but I will have to go through the program as I have it so far to make sure the main features and things I’ve got to do are all there.

Then, I think I shall give a running estimate as to how complete Behold is. I figure its about 80% and I’ll start there. As I do each item and check them off, I’ll update that overall status. Then, when people come to my page, it won’t just say “Coming ASAP”, but it will also give a series of milestones reached, and they can see my progress themselves. Again, it will at least motivate me to keep working, even bit by bit, so that I do make progress towards the goal.

So several hours were spent today updating my Behold web pages. But I can’t upload them yet until I finish verifying my feature list and my estimates of percent completion.

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