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Tuesday, November 7, 2006 - Tue, 7 Nov 2006

Yet another unexpected idea …

In the Richview forums, someone asked how to do numbered lists. I had completely forgotten that Richview could do this, because it was added after the version I was working with until I upgraded last month. But it struck me that I could use the lists to do the indenting that I’m currently doing with Tables in Richview. Since I’ve already done a lot of visible changes to Behold for this version, this might also be the time to make this change as well. I figure it could look just as nice, and it will get around quite a few gotcha’s that Tables are causing:

  1. Copy and Paste are problematic with Tables, since selecting certain sets of cells is sometimes not possible.
  2. Large cells in Tables do not display or print properly. This is something Sergey has been working on for almost 2 years and still hasn’t solved.
  3. Coding Richview with Tables is more complicated.
  4. Tables with many generations wide don’t fit on the screen and may also be too wide to print. This is the same problem that Internet Explorer has - it can’t print wide webpages. (Fixed in IE 7 - Yay!)
  5. Tables can’t be exported or copied and pasted properly to text files.
  6. Tables take about 10% longer to generate.

In a couple of hours, I got much of the Everything Report working without Tables. It may take a day or two and then I’ll know for sure.

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