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Sunday, October 22, 2006 - Sun, 22 Oct 2006

Here’s a tip for one bug in the Feeds of IE7:

Feeds appear to be sorted in alphabetical order. It seems you are supposed to be allowed to drag and drop them in order to move them around, but when I tried, I found they go to the end of the list. So I said, maybe if I move each once in the order I want them, then they’ll be added to the end of the list in the correct order and after I get through them all, the order will be correct. Great idea, but after I closed IE and later reopened it, all the entries were back in their alphabetical order.

So what I did instead was renamed each feed and prefixed each with a number, e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 which not only ordered them, but grouped them as well (without the need to “hide” them in folders). Exiting and restarting IE arranged them perfectly. I might just leave them with the prefix even after that bug is fixed.

It’s ironic that I’m adding this numbering here, just when I’m working on taking out much of the numbering in Behold.

A missing feature in IE7’s feeds is that it won’t read password protected feeds, like TRichview’s private area. Hopefully that will be added in an upcoming update. Until then I’ll have to continue using Feedreader (or maybe Bloglines if they can handle it).

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