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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 - Tue, 23 May 2006

One important change I made was to simplify the reverse links. Behold’s new linking structures use two links (links both ways) for links between INDI/FAM records. For example, a CHIL link would generate both the “Child” link and the reverse link which I had called “Child of”. Similarly the FAMC (or “Parents” link) would also come with its reverse link, a “Parents of” link. However the “Child” link is really the same as the “Parents of” link, and the “Child of” link is the same as the “Parents” link.

I had planned on each link having a reverse link. On the Tags page, links begin with a “@”. I had planned that reverse links would end with an “=”. So the 5 basic links, forward and reverse would have been: @CHIL, @CHIL=, @HUSB, @HUSB=, @WIFE, @WIFE=, @FAMC, @FAMC=, @FAMS, @FAMS=. This logic would also have extended to other linkages between people, e.g. Witnesses or Relationships.

But my idea for simplification is to map the reverse links onto the appropriate tag. So @CHIL is the reverse of @FAMC. @HUSB and @WIFE are the reverse of @FAMS, and vice-versa. The other relationships like witnesses can use their own tags both ways.

Now that I’ve said all this, you can forget it - because it’s being taken out and starting the next version, you won’t see any links with “=” at the end of them on the Tags page. (Yay!)

Oh, and I see that the 0.98.3 version expires in 11 days, so I better get this next one out before then.

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