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Saturday, October 15, 2005 - Sat, 15 Oct 2005

Yesterday, I finally finished solving all the complexities that were involved in sorting all the structures by name that I began on Sept 28. I didn’t expect a big delay due to that, but programmers are optimistic sorts who always expect everything to go smoothly. At any rate, that is all working and if I must say so myself, it really makes the Everything Report indispensible if you have many sources and repositories.

So I’m back where to where I was working to finish up 0.98. Today I implemented the code to include only the structures referenced when some people are excluded from the report. This way, for example, when you select relatives of a certain person then only the sources, repositories, places, notes, etc. for those people will be listed.

I am getting a little hesitant as to say how long until I finish the last few items, since I’ve recently made a few too many optimistic estimates. Maybe I’ll use the acronym: IAGW it should take a week. (IAGW = if all goes well)

What this does mean is that the Beta version 0.99 will now be out in November and Version 1.0 probably won’t be out until February and I’ve lost about a month.

But the wait will be worth it! I can promise you that.

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