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Monday, August 15, 2005 - Mon, 15 Aug 2005

While trying to verify that everything is working, the tag counts were starting to bug me. I have them near the end of my things to do for getting this version out, but I thought I’d do them now.

I currently show 3 counts for each tag: Input, Selected and Hidden. Input is the number that are in the GEDCOM files, and that worked fine after a few minor fixes. Selected should be the number that is in only the GEDCOMs and Families selected from the input files. Hidden are those that are not shown because their tags or their parent tags are unselected.

My first cut at it about a month ago set up the basic code, but the counting locations weren’t right. I bounced around three different ideas to total up the Selected and Hidden, and unfortunately each had their own advantages and disadvantages. I could have totalled them when selecting the families for inclusion, when preprocessing the references, or when printing out the report. After experimenting with all three, I finally settled on counting when printing out the report. The disadvantage with that is some of the counts will not match the GEDCOM Input counts, such as the count of the SOUR (source) tags which are merged together for output purposes. As long as I somehow make it clear that its not a problem, then it should be okay.

A “recursive tag” thing I wanted to do seems to be something I can delay until I get a good test case. Maybe when I go through my test GEDCOMs, I’ll find one and implement it then.

Other than that, a few relatively simple things to add (see my Future Plans page) and then running through my test files, and I’ll (finally) get this last alpha version of Behold out. And I’m going to number it Version 0.97 rather than 0.95 because I’ve put in much more than I expected to.

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