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Sunday, September 26, 2004 - Sun, 26 Sep 2004

I thank Dick Eastman for his reference to the Fletcher Christian descendants file created by Paul Lareau. At 1.3 MB and 9339 people and many marriages within the family it is a good stress-test for Behold. Running it identified a bug I have in that I am double-counting descendants in my name index, since I show 15217 descendants for Fletcher. I have properly handled the counting of ancestors, but not descendants.

Dick said it took “one popular genealogy program” about 300 pages simply to list the descendants of Fletcher Christian. Well, testing the file with Behold, I get the “Everything” part of my Everything Report listed in 677 pages, so that includes not just names, but all the events, the notes, and the hyperlinks to everyone else. Add onto that the Table of Contents (13 pages), and the index of names (191 pages), with the place list still not quite finished (so no tally there). There are no sources included in this file.

I fiddled around loading the file into a few different genealogy programs with mixed results ranging from them being unable to load the data, to quite fast response and a 500 page descendant file. Of course, this file being a pure descendant file allows almost any program to print “all” information in a descendant report, so it is excellent for testing the differences between programs.

Also Paul Lareau’s 2 pages about Genealogical Privacy - A Contrarian’s View and What Kind of Genealogist are You?
are very interesting.

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