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Friday, November 22, 2002 - Fri, 22 Nov 2002

This bug is getting difficult. It appears not to have been caused by my recent reorganization, but might have been there before. That made it hard to trace since I was mostly looking through my new code. It looks like I’ll have to bear down and work on it when I have a few hours in a row to do so.

I wish my program was the only thing “bugging” me. But I went to Windows Update as I do every so often and got a “Windows Update Error: Windows Update cannot display the requested page. Send error number to Microsoft (0×80072EF7)”. Of course, the Microsoft links and e-mail support doesn’t work.

But I looked up what the 0×80072EF7 error meant and I found info on it. Basically, it referred to another post which blames the problem on DSL with Enternet 1.5b and indicates that this is a bug issue and is known to the Enternet folks.

At any rate, I tried the solution they gave, which was to disconnect the
Internet connection, rename the loadwc.exe file to DONTloadwc.exe and to set
the registry settings of “LoadSENS” and “LoadLCE” both to “no”. I rebooted
and unfortunately for me, it did not solve the problem. I still get the
Windows Update Error shown above. - Gads! I guess I’ll send an e-mail to by DSL provider and see if they have a later version of my Enternet software or driver - or wait until some other great idea comes to me.

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