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Random Tidbits - Thu, 17 Oct 2013

Haven’t had a blog post in over a month. Better post one.

Missed Behold target release dates (again). Better update them.

I guess I’ve been very busy with Life, the Universe and Everything.

My 8 page Software Reviews article has been published in the Family Tree Tracker magazine.

I’m speaking on Saturday on Ideas and More Ideas for your Genealogy Society.

I submitting a unique and unorthodox syllabus for my Windows Phone for Genealogy presentation (RT1118)  that I’ll be giving at RootsTech 2014.

Why kind of crazy pdf is it that RootsTech made that can’t be printed or viewed on a mobile device because it’s too small?

Why doesn’t RootsTech think of me as a possible Official Blogger? All they have to see is how I blogged each day during RT12 and RT13.

Every day I’m thinking about the work I’ve got to do to get Version 1.1 of Behold out. If I’d do as much work as thinking, it would be out already.

I’d love to do the Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise in early 2016 for Australia and New Zealand that is still being finalized.

The Genealogy Q&A site is picking up steam!

GenSoftReviews is now getting about 2 new reviews each day.

I’ve updated my About.me page.

The U.S. government shut down for two weeks. Did anyone notice?

Update on my most popular blog post that continues to result in emails. Two years later and it’s totally 100%.

Looking forward to the first ever YouTube Music Awards on Nov 3.

I’m very excited for the World Chess Championship Nov 7 - 28. Carlsen is amazing. At the age of 22, will he win?

And of course, looking forward to getting Behold Version 1.1 out when its ready.

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1. Keith Riggle (geneatech)
United States flag
Joined: Sun, 7 Apr 2013
14 blog comments, 0 forum posts
Posted: Sat, 19 Oct 2013  Permalink

Thanks for the update–sounds like you’ve been busy. Regarding the US federal government partial shutdown, those of you outside the US may not have noticed unless you follow the news or financial markets, but most of us here in America noticed or were directly affected by it. We couldn’t go to national parks or monuments, contact the IRS or Social Security Administration, or get federally insured mortgages (FHA & VA). We genealogists couldn’t use National Archives facilities (except for their website). It really was a very serious matter, and if it hadn’t been resolved and the US technically defaulted on its debt, the rest of the world most certainly would have noticed.

Hope to see Behold 1.1 soon!

2. Louis Kessler (lkessler)
Canada flag
Joined: Sun, 9 Mar 2003
237 blog comments, 226 forum posts
Posted: Sun, 20 Oct 2013  Permalink


I didn’t mean to belittle the significance of the shutdown. But other than Susan Kitchens who was mad because NASA closed up, I don’t recall any other genealogy bloggers mention the shutdown. For the genealogists at least, it just seemed to be business as usual, and that’s what I was referring to.

Another blog post coming in the next day or two about the progress of Behold.


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