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Unlock the Past Cruise, Day -1 - Sat, 9 Feb 2013

We’ve had a great 4 days in Sydney, enjoying summer when it should be winter, enjoying walking around in t-shirts and shorts when it should be parkas and mitts, enjoying sunshine for 14 hours when it should only be daytime for 9, seeing all the mandatory sights of the city, and shopping, shopping, shopping.

Last night, we took the train out to Hornsby, a 45 minute ride Northwest of Sydney. There, Alan Phillips of Gould Genealogy / Unlock the Past were putting on an all-day session for the Hornsby folk.

Our table, with Jill Ball and her husband Robert on the right, Paul Milner and his wife Carol 4th and 5th from left who will be speakers on our cruise, along with others from Hornsby who will not be cruising.

We had a nice supper there as I joined Jill Ball (on the right, who I previously met at RootsTech last year) and her husband Robert, and Paul Milner (in the white shirt with the tie) and his wife Carol, who we’ll see more of on the cruise over the next 9 days. Also at the table with us were others from the Hornsby genealogy organization who attended the day’s sessions but (so sad for them) will not be joining us on the cruise.

I also briefly met Bob Velke of Wholly Genes (TMG) who didn’t stay for supper, but who will be on the cruise.

Earlier in the day, my wife Cheryl and I were exploring The Rocks. To our delight, our ship had already docked and we got a great look at what we are about to embark on in a few hours.

... and a bit more.

Voyager of the Seas was the largest ship in the world when it was constructed in 1999 and is the largest ship ever to dock in Australia.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog a little about the Conference during the cruise if internet connections permit.

Now off to the ship!

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