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Reasons To Join the Genealogy & Family History Q&A - Sat, 6 Oct 2012

The Q&A site is 97% on its way to Beta. You’ve still got time to sign up and join in on the Beta before it starts if you hurry.

Here’s some of the reasons the 256 committers to date have said they’re excited about the site:


Avid Enthusiasts and Prosumers (whatever that is) have said:

“Great potential for resource.”

“I’d like to see a global, multi-stakeholder community develop to support Genealogy & Family History. ”

“To have one location for Q&As.”

“Most genealogy Q&A sites are very local and non-technical. It’ll be interesting to see if this one can have more global and technical coverage.”

“Have lurked a bit on Stack Overflow and discovered the benefits of this type of forum. Look forward to participating in Stack Exchange’s Genealogy!”

“We need a site like this!”

“This will be very useful for the community.”

“Sites independent of the major for-profit providers are rare. I would be happy to support this one.”

“Awesome idea, which will be extremely popular worldwide.”

“I want to share my knowledge with other people and have access to the fields of expertise of other genealogists.”

“I believe in contributing to things in which I believe.”

“Great Idea, Have lots of questions and only to happy to assist others if I can.”

“I like the idea of an independent site that is not commercially driven.”

“We need this.”


Beginners and Learners have said:

“Cannot find answers”

“Just beginning. Need all the help I can get.”

“Online genealogists are so generous and helpful with their research and and answering others’ questions. I hope to learn and help others learn.”

“I would find it a great value to be able to ask general genealogy questions while I seek to expand on my documented family tree.”

“I am learning all the time and welcome a site where I can pose some of my own questions and receive help from those who know more than I do.”

“This is the place I can’t find find elsewhere on the web. I want it to go live for myself and others to have that one-stop-shopping place we need.”


Academics and Research-Level Students have said:

“Looking to be a resource for beginners, as well as finding resources from the experts.”

“I am supporting this site to assist readers in finding resources related to historical and family history resources.”

“A site to ask serious genealogy questions could be very useful. ”

“This is a great idea that needs a beginning. Once the ball is rolling with active participants I believe it will take off.”

“There are those who have questions and there are those who have the answers. We need to thing them together.”


Professionals or Experts have said:

“My goal is to help educate genealogists with research methodologies.”

“I am involved in several genealogy projects professionally and I think this site could be a huge help.”

“Feel this will be a valuable contribution to all levels of family historians.”

“I’m a retired professional, formerly board-certified genealogist, interested in sharing what I’ve learned the last 40 years of my research.”

“I like the idea of being able to ask and answer questions about genealogy. I will answer questions and ask questions I think will benefit everyone.”


In Summary:

“Genealogy + Stack Exchange = Great idea!”


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