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Saturday, May 10, 2003 - Sat, 10 May 2003

Last bit of cleanup to saving the Behold file. The Relatives Through Marriage and Everyone Else info should not be saved or retrieved if it is non-default. Again this simplifies the file and allows future changes to Behold’s default settings.

So testing this, I find that on the Organize pages, the “Apply” and “Cancel” button have not always been enabled when changes are made. A bit of careful tracing and enabling for every possible button click on all of the Organize pages is required here.

Then, the programming to save changes to the Tags had not yet been done. Time to do this. Try modifying the Tag text and the tag selections. It works.

Actually, it does some really neat things! By deselecting all Tags but the ones you want, you can see who has the specified types of information and what it is. This will work even better once I implement Subtags. Right now, if you select the Birth tag only, the Date and Place are not shown because they are tags of their own. If you select the Date and Place tags as well, then Dates and Places are shown everywhere, even if the Tag it is contained in is not selected. I should change this so that Subtags are only shown if they are selected and the Tag they are in is selected. Well, look at that! I had some code from waaaay back (maybe six years ago) that includes a “CurHideInfoLevel” variable which was to do this very thing. Seems like I can do that quickly now.

… and here’s a dumb glitch in ElTree: When selecting an item with the Inplace Editor, the item is selected, but is then shown with its leftmost characters cut off at the left of the edit box. I noticed it a while back, but was too involved elsewhere in Behold to follow it up. This most likely is a problem in ElPack and may be a tough one to track down. I spent 20 minutes debugging it, but can’t see what it is. Found that the glitch also happened in the ElPack sample programs. Posted a message on the Eldos forums, including 5 graphics showing exactly what the problem is (since it is sort of hard to explain in words).

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