Here's Some Info About Behold

Behold is a genealogy program for Windows that has a different slant.

The presentation of your data in a manner useful to you as a genealogist is most important.
Behold was designed output first.

Behold's Everything Report makes all your data about everyone available to you.
You organize it how you want. You include what you want.

Behold reads any and all GEDCOM files that genealogy programs produce. Behold does a lot of error checking for you, and will find problems in your GEDCOM files and in your data.

When editing is added in version 2, you will do it directly on the Everything Report. No forms to slow you down.
No jumping back and forth from report to data input to report. Spend your time looking at the report with your data presented usefully to you, rather than at forms that contain bits and pieces of your data with no context.


This is What Behold Looks Like


That's a Quick Overview

Behold is currently available for Windows. There is a 45 day free trial.

There's a lot more information about Behold on this website.
Check the links at the top and bottom of each page.

Download Behold now and give it a try.